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Emotiv Media Group

Emotiv is an independent label and mentor network providing DIY music promotion, visual communication, and marketing consultation for indie electronic artists at no-cost. Emotiv’s music focus is to support outstanding synth-based music like synthpop, synthwave, retro, electropop, and more.

Our vision is to foster an ever-growing electronic artists collective where new and established artists can exchange their knowledge, their wins and fails, and share the best ways forward to get our music heard. Either learn from artists who are currently doing it, or share your skills and experience with a new artist.

Learn the Fundamentals of Getting Airplay

Learn how to prepare your tracks for airplay. Find out how and where to develop a station and show distro list. Prepare emails that will get read and produce plays on stations focused on your genre of music.

Produce Physical CDs and Merch for Sales

What’s the most cost effective way to get CDs produced. Which is better for you, bulk or on-demand production. What are the best ways to create artwork packaging? Find out how to prepare your files for CDs.

Platform and Self-Distribution of Your Music

Which distro is best for you? Do you sell CDs and merch online at your own store? How do I get started? Find out the options and choose the best way forward for getting your music heard.

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